Travel Tips

Eco- friendly travellers to Socotra...

It is important to respect and conserve the natural and environment of each country you visit; within Socotra Island. Nature has granted Socotra with many beautiful elements which need to be preserved so, that the next visitors can enjoy Socotra’s exquisite beauty. There is also an interesting culture on Socotra that should be respected, “remember how you would be treated in you own home country”. We are committed to conserve our island. So only we invite you to share with us this cooperation in this regards. Wherever you go, only take memories and leave foot prints! We have put together a few guidelines and environmental tips for keeping on good terms with locals and nature!


Heed the advice of your guide at all times.

Don’t import or export any biological material or alien species from or the to Island.

Do not leave or throw any litter.

Don’t drop your cigarette buts any where–dispose of them properly.

Don’t swim in sea or rivers unless your guide recommends it.

Don’t make erratic movements as this will frighten or aggravate the wildlife.

Don’t drive off the roads in game reserves and national parks.

Don’t raise your voice or speak loudly inside cave… whisper!

Don’t feed fishes (this creates dependency).

Don’t touch or damage corals.

Use only dead wood to set up a fire.

Ask permission before taking photographs of locals specially women.

Wear well covered dresses while you are in the town or in the villages or where are local people surrounding you because this offending the locals. 

Don’t take shells and pieces of corals.

Children might be asking you for money or sweets, bear in mind that it is not allowed to hand money over children ( by handing money to children you encourage begging) and the dental treatment is not readily available on the Island. We recommend handing out pens, pieces of paper and clothes.

Support local business and community initiatives by buying local items rather than imported good.